About Me

My name is Richard Jones and I’ve been self-employed on the web  since 1996.

To put this into perspective a bit:

  • The code to allow images in web pages was only suggested in 1993 and formalised in 1995.
  • Google was setup in 1998.
  • MySpace was still 7 years away (2003) and Facebook 8 years away (2004).
  • IT contractors were starting to make a fortune on the Y2K bug!
  • My 56k connection was quick at the time.

Some of the biggest clients I have worked for are Cadbury, SriLankan Airlines and Petronas. Most of my clients, though, are sole traders or small businesses who rely on their website to bring in business.

I first generated income by selling advertising on my own websites. In the 2000s, I built a team of designers and developers to design websites for other businesses. These tended to be very complicated database-driven websites with e-commerce or directory features.

As off-the-shelf software for websites became available then sites became easier to build and gradually I reduced my team. Projects became simpler and clients started asking about ranking better in search engines.

Over the last 10 years, my focus has shifted to helping clients get higher up in Google. My design and development team is now made up of freelance contractors who I call on as and when their skills are needed.

Although I have an office in London, I usually work from home in Westerham, Kent. My dog, Max, prefers it as he gets to sleep at my feet all day.

I carry out all SEO work myself and bring with me 20+ years of specialised experience. You will always speak to me when you call.

If you are free for a chat then I’d love to speak with you about your business. Together we can see if SEO would be worthwhile for you. Why not get in touch?